Concerning Preventative Measures Against COVID-19


We thank you for your continued patronage.
Written below are the safety measures that we are taking at THE GENERAL KYOTO, where the health and safety of our guests and staff come first. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience these measures may cause, and we ask for your understanding and cooperation during these trying times.

General Manager

①Initiatives Taken in Each Building
・All staff members must wear masks
・In line with social distancing practices, seats and tables have been spaced out
・Opening windows and using air conditioning to promote circulation
・Disinfectant alcohol spray is placed at every entrance, reception desk, lounge, restaurant and elevator
・Transparent shields have been placed at reception desks to prevent the spread of oral pathogens
・Things that are likely to be used or touched by customers (doors, handles, elevator buttons, etc…) will be regularly cleaned with disinfectant alcohol

②Our Request to Customers
・Please use disinfectant alcohol when entering the building.
・Please check your temperature before entering or exiting the building.
・Please wear a mask while spending time in the buildings.

③Preventative Measures Taken by Our Staff
・All staff are required to report their physical health and temperature before each shift.
・Disinfectant is available in all staff areas and staff members are required to wash their hands at least once every hour.
・Staff are not allowed to travel outside of the country, nor are they to take unnecessary business trips.
・If a staff member or someone they live with is sick, especially if there is a possibility that they have contracted COVID-19, they are not allowed to work.
・Staff are not allowed to participate in or go to events in which more than ten people are gathered.