Enjoy a leisurely dinner at the hotel ~ Handmade sushi experience ~

We have begun selling the “Handwoven Sushi” takeaway dinner plan with accommodations at the main store of [AWOMB], a creative hand-rolled sushi restaurant located in Kyoto’s bustling district of textiles and kimonos, “Kyoto Muromachi,” which has prospered since the Edo period.

The meticulously arranged obanzai dishes resemble a jewelry box, guaranteed to make your social media posts shine.

With approximately 50 varieties of obanzai laid out in a grid pattern, you have various ways to enjoy them—whether wrapping them in hand rolls or eating them as they are.

We’ll provide them at the front desk, so please enjoy them leisurely in your room or at the lounge.

Reservation is required at least 4 days in advance. For more details, please contact the front desk staff.